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thickseximetal asked: Hey! I think your blog is fantastic. I was hoping to start pole dancing classes soon. Are there any tips/advice you can give for a beginner?

Hi there! I love seeing new people get into pole, so I hope you absolutely love it! As for tips, the most I can say is to shop around for a good studio and a good instructor, someone you get along with and someone who makes pole fun for you, and just jump into a class! It’s a lot easier and more safe to be taught by someone in a safe environment than to try and teach yourself at home.

It can be pretty daunting the first time though; I almost backed out of my first ever class because I was so nervous and I’m so glad I didn’t! The pole community is such a warm and supportive place and I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time.

Ooh, and pro tip, have yourself a hot bath with bath salts the day after your first class. You won’t realize how hard you’ve worked and those muscles will be sore! Good luck!